Tuesday, March 09, 2004

You wanna hear something gross? Well, I'm gonna tell you anyway...

First a little background: the dog and cats like to sleep on the bed with us. The dog and one of the cats even like to burrow under the covers - usually the dog sleeps down at our feet and I have no idea how she can breathe. One of the cats likes to cuddle up against me or between hubby and me. He gets so happy and purry that he drools, which is slightly gross but cute. One night the cat must have bumped into the dog or vice versa and the cat freaked out. He couldn't find his was out from under the covers and in his attempt to get the hell outta there, he clawed the shit out of my leg and hand. I'm talking puncture wounds, not superficial scratches. I got up, washed my hand, which was already swelling up, and laid back in bed with a throbbing hand, cursing the cat.

The next day at work, with the puncture on my hand still oozing a little blood and all nice and swollen, I noticed a thread hanging out of the wound. So I yanked on it. It pulled out a little more, but was attached somewhere inside my hand. I could feel the tissue in my hand pulling along with the thread. So, I did what any lab rat would do and took a look under the dissecting scope. My thread was actually a piece of ropy connective tissue complete with capillaries. Yum. I tried to remove it with scissors and a scalpel to no avail, although I did get slightly nauseous. After a couple days of thread-hand, I finally got hubby to perform surgery and cut it off.

Shit hanging out of my body that obviously belongs inside my body really grosses me out.

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