Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Yesterday I discovered that the author of one of my favorite blogs graduated from the same university as me. It came as a really pleasant surprise. I haven't met anyone else who went to school there since I graduated, since there were only about 3000 students enrolled when I attended.

I must have had college on the brain last night because I had some strange dreams. In the first, hubby was helping me move from one dorm room to another. We didn't marry until about 5 years post college, so it was really strange that I was married in the dream. This morphed into another dream where we were only dating, but he left me because I had gotten pregnant and he couldn't deal with it. I was living by myself in an apartment and ran into an ex who wanted to date me and help me raise the child. This was really strange since he was, hands down, the creepiest guy I ever dated.

The creepy guy and I met in a class. He asked me if I wanted to study with him which led to a date, which I think was the only real date we went on. Shortly thereafter he started talking about his very active sex life (red flag #1) and how he had never been monogamous (red flag #2). We began to have a more intimate relationship and he asked for anal sex, which I refused and told him I had no interest in. He continued to ask for it. Repeatedly (red flag #3). Now I have no problem with someone wanting anal sex. Plenty of people do it and enjoy it. However it was not something I cared to try, was clear about it, and he continued to push the issue. Which showed a complete lack of respect for me and what I considered comfortable. He also liked to receive certain favors which he never cared to return (red flag #4). We dated for a few months and never did go "all the way". I think on some level I didn't trust him and didn't feel safe enough to share that much of myself with him. So deep down somewhere, I knew what a creep he truly was. Eventually the inevitable happened and he broke it off. I was devasted. Why, you ask? Because he was the first man I dated in approximately a year and by that point I was so happy to be dating someone and getting some action. I soon realized that I was devasted by the loss of who I wanted him to be and not who he truly was. We still saw each other some after that, but soon I started dating Hubby and that was the end of the creep.

Not too long after we broke up, I ran into a classmate in the library. We decided to study together for a test. Somehow the creep was brought up in the conversation. This classmate had seen creepy guy at a party sniffing coke or shooting up (I can't remember which - anyway he was doing some pretty hardcore stuff). I took the info with a grain of salt since classmate was an excon and a little odd himself, but it would've explained some of the creep's weird tendancies to disappear for a while and his seriously shaky hands. Who knows.

The creep also had a pair of black leather pants that he loved. I swear he would've fucked the pants if he could've. He'd strut around in those damn tacky pants thinking he was all "I'm too sexy". He wasn't.

I get alumni newsletters from my college and saw that he got married a couple years back. I had to wonder if he's still all freaky-deaky or what. Do he and his wife have an open marriage? Was all the talk about sexing around a bunch of macho bullshit? No I really don't want to know.

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