Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Frequently I'll have a converasation, witness something, or hear a tidbit on the news that I find interesting and stash away in my memory for later blogging. It'll be one of those "I HAVE to blog about that" things.

I can't remember ANY of them. I know I have a few locked away in my brain somewhere. But I don't know where. I'm blaming it on raging PMS.

Speaking of PMS, these are lifesavers. I keep one in my desk just in case unexpected cramps strike. The menstrual heat pads seem to keep warm longer than the 8 hours on the package. I've had some go as long as 12 hours.


Since I couldn't think of anything much to write today, I decided to update my links. I generally try to get the bloggers' permission before posting links, but some don't have e-mails, some I haven't heard replies from, and I'm damn lazy. My apologies to anyone who doesn't want me posting a link. I'll be happy to remove it, just let me know.

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