Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Way to go UConn!


The fighting in Iraq has once again intensified. (But the war is over, right?) I feel bad for the soldiers who are caught up in it, and who don't know if or when they'll return home. I feel sad for their families and loved ones who are worried and missing them. And I feel especially sorry for the Iraqi people who are now free of Saddam, but living in a battlefield.


Yesterday's mail brought an Easter card from BF (best friend). I should clarify and say that is was a spam Easter card.

It went something like this:
Happy Easter to you and hubby. I'm begging friends to donate money to X charity that I've told you about already. Please get as many people as you know to donate, too.
Love, BF & family."
OK, well it didn't go exactly like that, but that's the general idea.

I'm really tempted to send a card back with:
"Happy Easter. I already gave money to your charity 2 weeks ago. The fact that you informed me of it twice already, because apparently I didn't donate fast enough for you, so you felt obligated to send me a reminder, really put me off wanting to donate at all. But I did anyway because it's a good charity. I already told you I don't know anyone else to ask and I'm not comfortable begging money off my family/friends/coworkers for you. If you want a list of their names and phone numbers I can point you to the white pages. I already told you I'd put a flyer up at work if you provided me with one, but I guess you'd rather torture me by attempting to make me actually go and physically beg for the money, rather than taking 15 minutes to fabricate said flyer on your computer. It's not gonna happen. Please stop spamming me."

Hubby suggested a much more tactful way off putting it, and I think I'll take his suggestion:
"Happy Easter. We hope our contribution helped in your money-raising effort. We're sorry but we don't know anyone else who's interested in donating. Good luck with the fundraiser.
XOXO Selzach & Hubby."

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