Friday, April 02, 2004

TGIF! I’m soooo ready for the weekend, even though I know tomorrow will not be a relaxing day. Three of the kitties go to the vet for their annual exams & shots. I’m already dreading rounding them up and stuffing them into their carriers. One in particular turns into demoncat when the carriers come out. You can’t simply stuff her in because she sprouts extra legs with razor claws. No matter how you try to shove her in, she manages to resist, all while flailing those razors around shredding any clothing or flesh that end up in their path. We have to stuff her in a pillowcase, then drop the catsack into the carrier. One year the vet gave us a sedative. I waited until too close to vet time, so it hadn’t taken effect yet. By the time we got back home it had taken effect, proven by her crazed drunken wobbling. When I picked her up to comfort her, she went rigid stopped breathing. I was convinced I gave her a heart attack and killed her. Hubby made a panicky call to the vet, who said the cat probably went unconscious from panic, and to leave her alone until she came down from the drugs. So no more scary kitty sedatives.

Next on the docket will be shuttling Mom around on errands. Including trips to the pharmacy, grocery store and a trip to Sam’s Club. I hate Sam’s Club. We will be there forever while she peruses. Did I mention that I hate Sam’s Club?


For some reason, I’ve been cranky this week. Actually, I may know why: I think I forgot a dose or two of my Paxil. I swear that stuff makes me stupid, and I’m only on a low dose. It beats the anxiety attacks and chronic mild depression I used to have, but I’m uber-forgetful these days...which includes forgetting to take the damn medicine, even though it sits on the bathroom counter right by the sink so I see it morning and evening when I brush my teeth. I had a couple of twitchy, funky days which makes me think I forgot a dose or more. I can only imagine how I’ll feel someday when I go off the stuff. I can’t even imagine the side effects people on higher doses get when they wean off.

I think hubby’s bonk to the noggin rattled some sex center in his brain. Several nights this week I’ve awoken out of a sound sleep to him groping me. It used to happen all the time when we were first dating, but I guess being together for 10 years kinda tapers things off. (Which I really don’t mind because it used to be a nightly occurrence.) So, I’d move his hand, roll over, and go back to sleep. I had completely forgotten about it until he asked me this morning if he had gotten all Russian-hands-and-Roman-fingers on me last night. Which he had.

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