Thursday, April 29, 2004

I'm having another grumpy, shitty day.

For starters, we now have yet another dog using our yard as a big ole fucking latrine. He's been making multiple appearances every day. I took Lily on her leash in our backyard for morning piddles and the little fucker showed up, pissed on every plant in the yard, took a squishy dump smack dab in the middle, then started jumping at Lily and smellling her ass, which got her so worked up she dragged me all over. I told the little fuck to go home with no results. I tried putting a collar on him so I could grab him, with no luck. I finally decided to walk over to a house that I know has a dog like him, with the hopes he'd follow me and lead me to his home. He followed to their house, then took off after a lady walking her dog down the street.

I'm pissed enough to write a letter to the homeowners' association and cc to all the "officers". Our president is an owner of a dog that looks suspiciously the same as little fucker, so maybe it'll work. But at least one or two other families have the same breed of dog, so it may not be his. I'm thinking of something like "We have at least 3 neighborhood dogs which regularly come into our yard to potty. They are urinating on our landscaping, which can kill the plants, and defacating all over our yard. Our county has a leash law which requires all dogs to be leashed when loose and under the control of their owners. We ask that the neighborhood obey the leash law and show consideration for their neighbors."

Hubby is also considering writing notes and putting them in the mailboxes of our other 2 neighbors whose dogs we know, and who potty in our yard. Something along the lines of "We think your dog is really cute, and we understand that sometimes dogs get loose, but we'd appreciate it if you'd keep him out of your neighbors' yards. We like your dog, but not his poop. Sincerely, Your Neighbor" Since he's a cop, he'd rather do it anonymously then stir up the shit. Lots of folks despise the cops, so he's not real big on doing anything direct.


Last night, hubby and I got into a big argument, which I instigated. We're both feeling stressed at work, which we carry home, and we've both been feeling blown off by each other. When I feel ignored, unwanted, uncherished, I pull away and get snarky. It's part pride and part self-preservation. I dated several assholes before hubby, and the more they pushed me away, the clingier I got. Something in me finally gave, and now when I feel taken advantage of, or unwanted, I pull away. Period. It's something I've tried to work on, but when you go through the same cycle over and over again, it's difficult to change.

Hubby has gotten back into martial arts, which I'm very happy about. He's been feeling down about not exercising and is unhappy with the weight he's put on. What I hate are the phone calls when he's driving home. The "I miss you" phone calls. They seem so disingenuous to me. Either go and enjoy yourself, or stay home if you feel so shitty about being away for 2 hours. But don't call me and expect me to have a conversation with you while you're driving home. If you want to talk to me, sit down with me when we're together. Then there are the video games. Friday and Saturday nights from 10ish to 2-4 am. Don't tell me the next morning how tired you are. And don't whine when we don't get intimate on the weekends. Try making an effort to come to bed at a reasonable hour, and don't get frisky when I'm getting half asleep. Approach me at a time when we're both awake and feeling good. Don't grope me and expect it to turn me on. It won't. I'm not a piece of meat.

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