Friday, April 30, 2004

I generally get along well with the people at work. There are a few, however, who get under my skin. One of them is the P.I. of another lab that we cooperate with. He walked in today, and started telling me how I needed to combine specific treatments in an experiment we ran. He tells me to pull up the data on my computer so he can point it out to me. Excuse me? Do I work for you?

My issues:

He didn't bother to ask if I had time to deal with his problems. He just assumed I did. Luckily for him, I wasn't working on anything pressing.

He was rude about the whole thing. I didn't label the treatments and I don't even know what all of them are. You want them grouped together, you make sure your people label everything uniformly.

He told me to pull up info on the computer. How about a request starting with "please"?

I also got a call this morning from our safety officer wanting to speak to my supervisor. Apparently something's up with my lazy coworker (as in some sort of problem). Now I'm all curious.

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