Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I'm pooped today. This time change is kicking my ass. Sunday night I didn't go to bed until roughly midnight - 2 hours past my worknight bedtime, but I knew there was no way I'd fall asleep any sooner. I got a good night's sleep last night, but I think the previous night's shitty sleep caught up with me.

We and the kitties survived the vet's office. The demoncat was in her usual form, so getting her into the pillowcase proved nearly impossible. Hubby has the scratches to prove it. We tackled her first, which got the other two good and torqued up. I think democat gave herslf an ear hematoma from the ordeal which means ANOTHER effing visit to the vet to have hear ear fixed. How do I know this? Because the 2 boys had haematomas within 6 months of each other. Yet another of our kitties will have a lumpy, droopy ear. And in another 2 weeks, the remaining 2 cats have their annual visit.

Saturday night we went to a friend & co-worker's house for a cookout. We had a blast. Hubby was in rare form and kept blaming it on his "head injury". I think my co-workers saw a side of me that most haven't witnessed before. Hey, once the margaritas start, the mouth gets running.

Sunday, hubby and I went to Target to buy some new bedding for the guest bed which turned into bedding + curtains + Easter stuff for the parents + an outdoor fireplace. $450 down the drain. Yep, owning a house sure is expensive with all that stuff you "need".

On a final note, the ospreys have a nice new nest platform. I saw momma bird up there rearranging and fixing branches on the nest. I'm hoping there will soon be babies.

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