Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Woot! The ultrasound came back fine. No more cysties!! Last night I asked hubby to have a stern talking to the ovaries. He looked at me like I had cracked, then put on his best drill sergeant voice and told those little pansy-assed ovaries to get their shit in gear and do their damn jobs. They better listen, dammit.


I've had the Cops theme song (ya know: bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do...") for the past couple of days. Why? Because Sunday night I witnessed hubby assisting in arresting a drunk driver.

We decided to go out for a cup of coffee in our personal vehicle and saw a pickup cut off a semi truck...I mean it was reaaaaaally close. The the pickup started bouncing around from shoulder to other lane, back to shoulder.... We passed the pickup and I got a good look at the driver. He looked totally fucked up. He pulled into Mickey D's drivethru, nearly backed into us because he swung too wide and had to back up, and at that point hubby phoned dispatch and asked for a marked unit. We got behind the pickup again and followed him to his house. He nearly missed hitting a couple more vehicles along the way. Lucky for us, he either missed his driveway, or was purposely going to back in, which gave hubby the chance to block the driveway, hop out, and badge the driver, who at that point didn't want to stop because he was already in front of his home. Hubby finally convinced him to turn off his engine when a marked unit pulled up. During the whole time I was sitting in our car watching.

They got the guy out of the pickup and he had to lean against the it to stand (hubby also said he had to hang onto the doorframe to get out of the pickup which I was unable to see). When they did the nystagmus test (however the f*ck you spell it), his head moved to track the pen (your head should stay still, while you track the object with your eyes). When they attempted to have him do the 1-legged stand, he wobbled all over the place and hubby had to help keep him from falling. So at that point, the deputy hooked up the driver and arrested him. He became very angry since he was practically home, yadda yadda. The clincher: he's a firefighter licensed to drive emergency vehicles and had a prior DUI. If anyone should know the consequences of drunk drivers, it's him since the firefighters often are the first responders to accidents.


Thanks to Brent for posting a link to The Squirrel Incident. I showed it to hubby last night and he nearly pissed and crapped himself simultaneously from reading it.

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